Our values


Respect is a core value in our business culture, where we believe in expressing opinions based on facts and obligation to learn from mistakes. We strive for excellence, respecting each other's competencies, and supporting each other as a team. Punctuality, tolerance, and mutual support are integral to our culture.

Open mindedness

In our business culture, open-mindedness is highly valued, where we prioritize transparency in all our interactions. We believe in honest communication, timely feedback, while recognizing and celebrating contributions. Our inclusive environment fosters continuous learning and growth.


As a business, we prioritize commitment, where individuals take ownership of their work, exceed expectations, and focus on achieving results. We embrace a proactive and innovative mindset, constantly pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone to deliver excellence in all aspects of our work.


Responsibility is a core value in our business culture, where individuals take ownership of their areas of operation, decisions, workplace orderliness, and company property. We foster a proactive and accountable environment, empowering our team to contribute to our collective success.



Health and Wellness

We prioritize employee well-being by providing private medical care, life insurance, fresh fruits, and sparkling/still water at our workplace.


Personal Development

People at SCNEX are having opportunity of sports activities funding. We can receive training/course funding, so that we develop our competences.

Working environment

We offer integration meetings, coffee/tea, parking slots, and social benefits at our workplace, promoting team collaboration, and employee well-being.


  1. Transparent employment conditions: Our recruitment process is based on clear and defined principles, with factors such as experience, knowledge, and competence as decisive factors. We do not expect candidates to disclose classified information or personal client data from their previous employer, and our decision to employ them is not based on such information.
  2. Clear career path: Regardless of position, each employee has equal earning and promotion opportunities based on their diligence, conscientiousness, reliability, and contribution to the company's development. We value employees' knowledge, experience, and commitment to achieving collectively established objectives.
  3. Partnership, openness, and honesty: Our company operates on the principle of partnership, advocating freedom in forming constructive ideas and opinions. Employees are encouraged to present ideas or suggestions directly to the Board, and there are no closed doors in our company.
  4. Personal self-development: We support our employees in improving their qualifications and gaining further knowledge through periodic internal training courses, regular English classes, and opportunities to participate in courses and training sessions outside the company.
  5. Employee well-being: We care about the health and fitness of our team, providing fully paid private healthcare for each employee and partly funding fitness cards to help them stay in good shape. We also have our own running team, promoting a healthy lifestyle among our employees.


Graduate training scheme

What about if you study and would like to gain some experience? All is not lost yet! We will gladly share our knowledge and introduce you into the secrets of TFL business. Forget about making coffee or learning how to operate a photocopier while working with us. You will learn how each department works, gain experience and broaden horizons.

We are particularly interested in cooperation with students majoring in Scandinavian and logistics studies.

We would love to know you