Yesterday I had a dream in which all the goods passing through the warehouse moved on automated logistics routes. Unhindered and almost silently, they floated along only 1.5 meter-wide aisle racking. Evenly, steadily and at intervals. Without rushing, yet on every call. Wandering through this unusual land, I passed by hundreds of pallets climbing upwards […]

Scandinavian warehouse Many customers who decide to transport very expensive goods or those susceptible to mechanical damage or other external factors, face a large financial dilemma of how to best protect their cargo. Commercially available technological options or solutions that are only just being tested are certainly an alluring alternative for the person responsible for […]

The highly dynamic changes on the international arena and the shifting balance of power on a global scale create completely new opportunities for countries in the Baltic Sea region. Intermarium In the first half of the 20th century, the reviving Second Republic of Poland put forward the geopolitical concept of Intermarium. It was to be […]

Recently the transport market has been flooded with a number of technological innovations regarding intermodal transport, which is one of the most optimal options in terms of the macroeconomic scale of an enterprise. However, when making a decision whether to send a unit load in this way, we must be aware of the opportunities and […]

It has happened! According to the analytic data this year (probably first time in history) will see Norway profiting more from the export of natural gas than crude oil. It is common knowledge that this is a side effect of unstable low prices of crude oil in the world which have prevailed since the beginning […]

This is undoubtedly yet another reason why one should start business with Scandinavian countries. They were ranked highest on the Transparency International report as the least corrupt countries. Strong and deep-rooted ethics values need to be certainly taken into consideration when running business negotiations with Scandinavian partners. The analysis was conducted on 175 states all […]

Development of ferry connections between Poland and Scandinavia in the 1990’s brought the Baltic adjoining countries closer and initiated a dynamic growth in trade exchange. Projects including Motorways of the Sea or Baltic-Adriatic Transport Cooperation (which evolves slowly but consistently) make Sweden and Poland key players among these potential countries which link the economic bloodstream […]