At Scandinavian Express, we are committed to environmental sustainability and take proactive measures to reduce our impact on the environment. Our fleet consists of ecologic vehicles, including EURO 6 tractors equipped with the iSAVE system, which helps to minimize fuel consumption and lower emissions. We prioritize ecodriving by continuously monitoring eco-driving parameters using a telematics system and providing regular driver training with ecodriving components. Our commitment to sustainability is further reinforced by our use of ecological calculators and carbon footprint reports, which allow us to measure and manage our environmental impact. We leverage telematics supported by business intelligence to optimize routes and reduce fuel consumption, minimizing our carbon footprint. At Scandinavian Express, we strive to be environmentally responsible in all aspects of our logistics operations and are dedicated to implementing eco-friendly practices to protect our planet for future generations.

Ecological efforts

Ecologic fleet
EURO 6 tractors with the iSAVE system (reduced fuel consumption)
Continuous monitoring of eco-driving parameters using a telematics system + regular driver training system with ecodriving components
Ecological calculators
Own tools for recalculating shipment consolidation or selecting transport corridors in terms of CO2 emissions
Carbon footprint report
Detailed CO2 emissions report for each project according to your requirements
Telematics supported by business inteligence
Fleet management system constantly increasing the efficiency of its use and optimizing fuel management