Increasing scale of running projects requires a new approach to business –
after all, SCANDINAVIAN EXPRESS is no longer a small transportation company, but
organization that aspires to become a leader in Transport-Freight forwarding-Logistics

First of all – a clear company mission – our publicly made promise: we
strive to achieve customer satisfaction, specializing in comprehensive service
throughout of all logistics processes

Secondly – a commitment to specific advantages, which we guarantee in our
services: above-standard, fast and reliable delivery and safety of assigned cargo.

Finally – the improved company structure and new brand image. The implementation
of dedicated sales departments to ensure optimum customer service, and the
complaint department to monitor the proper quality & standards of our services:

  • LTL freight
  • FTL freight
  • Oversize freight
  • Sea freight
  • Warehouse & logistics
  • Controlling & complaints

Meet the new SCANDINAVIAN EXPRESS. See for yourself that we are MORE than just
logistics! Enjoy our new web site.